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Stay tuned, a new website is coming . . . .
New for 2018 Pit  Progress

"The Secret of the Monkey's Treasure"

Like a good 'ol Pirate Treasure Hunt?
Who doesn't?  Only this one has a twist!
The Monkey's Treasure is in the Treasure Chest
right thar in the Monkey Pit.  All ye have to do
is find a way to open it by ways of clues, Treasure
Map pieces to be found, and scavenging odds
and ends around the event and turning them
in for more clues.  This will be a scheduled event.

More info to come . . . . .
Well, 2017 was a bust due to an unexpected shoulder surgery.
DNA breaks, and modern science puts him back together
again it seems.  So, Pit progress will begin sometime in
February 2018. Planned activities are:

"Money Dare".
The Secret of the Monkey's Treasure".
Our famous bar will again serve up Monkey Shots,
Monkey Piss, and of course Bacon and Bloody Mary's
on two of the mornings.

And yes, "Moral Wars" is still here!

Questions or Comments can be sent to dna@themonkeypit.com

Updated 12-23-17